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A fun, anxiety-reducing program, backed by science,that empowers you to be confident and authenticwhen you speak..png

You're driven, passionate, and motivated, but when it comes to speaking in front of people, you feel stuck.

Maybe you think “no one cares what I have to say," so you stay silent.

Maybe you don't want to be recorded because you hate the sound of your voice.

Maybe you don’t feel respected because people don’t understand your accent.

Maybe you don't speak up and take up enough space, so you feel ignored and disregarded.

Maybe you avoid situations that require you to speak, making you miss out on promotions, new opportunities, and moving forward in your career.

We get it.

You think good communication comes naturally, so you’ve never honed your communication skills.

You think public speaking is for people who “are good at that stuff," so you don't even try.

You don’t have the tools to keep your anxiety in check, so it takes over.

We get it. We’ve been there. We’ve got solutions.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, creative, leader, or simply an all-around go-getter, we give you concrete tools, step-by-step training, and guided support  in a safe space so you can feel confident, empowered, and get what you want, without letting the fear of speaking hold you back.

the Solutions

Whether you're prepping for an upcoming presentation, sharpening your pitch, polishing your on-camera presence, or needing long-term training to finally be the clear, confident speaker you were meant to be, we've got you covered:

Meet Rhonda Khan

Founder and Lead Coach

After working as speech-language pathologist, professional actor, and public speaker, I founded Simply Speech Solutions to help people transform their lives by becoming powerful communicators.

I grew up a shy, awkward extrovert who fluctuated between the urge to be heard, and the crippling fear of being judged negatively. I spoke in ways that were not authentic to who I was and did not serve me. I felt anxious during  group discussions, and unknowingly projected a vocal and physical presence that  expressed low self - esteem and the desire to please. 

With the help of great coaches and teachers, I began to recognize my challenges and take brave steps to change. Soon my shyness turned into engagement, my confidence overshadowed my insecurities,  and my fear transformed into power.

Using techniques from speech pathology, theatrical performance, and mindfulness, Simply Speech Solutions will revolutionize the way you communicate. You'll find your voice, embrace the joy of speaking, and unleash your true potential.   

Let’s get started.



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