Coaching, Community, and Accountability.


The Level Up is a 6-week curated coaching group for women ready to transform their lives by being powerful communicators.

This group is for you if:

  • You are ready to move through fear and be the confident woman you were meant to be.

  • You are done playing small and waiting for the right time to get started.

  • You are goal-oriented, driven, and willing to do the work to invest in yourself.

  • You want to take your career, business, or creative endeavors to the next level.

  • You benefit from the support of a small group.



  • (6) weekly two-hour group calls via Zoom

  • Individual feedback in a supportive, small group environment (no more than 4 participants)

  • Actionable PDF worksheets

  • Unlimited email contact with Rhonda

  • Guided, personalized goal setting activities

  • Access to an exclusive group chat via Whats App

  • Recordings of every week’s live session

  • Lifetime membership to the LEVEL UP community on Facebook


“I can not express how amazing this class is! The Level UP is a group class that is intimate enough to feel like a one-on-one coaching session. If you are looking to refine your communication approach and want to get ready for bigger and better speaking opportunities, I HIGHLY recommend The Level UP. It's worth it!”

-Nneka Ude, Founder of Welcome to Path


Learn more about The Level UP in this short video!

Pre-course: 20 minute phone call with Rhonda

  • After you submit your application, we will have a brief phone call to determine if you’re the right fit for the group.

Session 1: Starting with Intention

  • Learn to speak with intention, identify your unique characteristics, and set strategic goals for the next 6 months.

Session 2: Moving Through Fear

  • Discover techniques to reduce anxiety, reduce negative self-talk, and propel yourself through fear and judgment

Session 3: Owning your voice

  • Uncover your most powerful voice by reducing limiting habits and unconscious behaviors

Session 4: Pitching and introducing

  • Learn to pitch and introduce yourself without downplaying, apologizing, or feeling “braggy.”

Session 5: Crafting your story

  • Get a structure and strategy to craft your story* from scratch.

    *Your “story” can be a presentation, pitch, signature talk, keynote, video, or any format you prefer.

Session 6: Present and Plan

  • Present your work-in-progress project to your supportive group, get feedback and develop an action plan.

“The Level UP was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself both professionally and personally. In just 6 weeks, I’ve seen a marked difference in how I approach personal interactions as well as professional presentations. Rhonda helped me address my anxieties as well as giving me a practical toolkit for speaking up and owning my voice. Thanks to Rhonda, public speaking no longer seems like an insurmountable hurdle!”

-Sarvenaz Tash, Bestselling Author

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the format of the group sessions?

Each week includes live two-hour coaching calls via Zoom. Rhonda will present the course curriculum and lead the group through interactive exercises. Each group member will have an opportunity to get feedback on their work.

Why only 4 people?

By limiting the group to 4 people, everyone gets an opportunity to be heard, ask questions, and get personalized feedback.

Why do I need to submit an application?

The Level Up is a curated group of dedicated driven women. The right blend of women help this group become the most impactful and beneficial to everyone. Reading your applications helps Rhonda learn who you are and determine if you’re a good fit.

I’ve gotten coaching from Rhonda before, am I still eligible?

Absolutely! If you’re familiar with Rhonda’s methods and coaching style, you’ll progress even further through the lessons. Also, this program is designed for speakers of all levels, so you’ll get the opportunity to not only sharpen your skills but also gain new ones.

How is this different from other group programs?

Rhonda facilitates every single coaching session. Instead of downloaded modules, or pre-recorded webinars, Rhonda’s customized sessions are live, interactive and personal, providing everyone the opportunity to receive attention and support.

When will sessions be held?

Saturdays from 2:00-4:00pm Eastern Time.

What’s the investment?

The investment for The Level Up is $800, or two payments of $425

Ready to join?

Applications are currently closed, but we’ll be restarting in a few months! Join the waitlist below:

Questions? Email Rhonda at