Communication is the most important skill in life, yet over 74% of people are afraid of speaking in public.


Simply Speech Solutions offers interactive trainings that transform your team into confident, empowered spokespeople.

“Rhonda is the definition of inspiring presence! She led a workshop for our team and was able to engage each of us so that we all felt confident and armed with the tools to own any demo and speak on the company’s behalf. I highly recommend her training for teams!”
— Sage Wohns, CEO Agolo


We provide:

  • Interactive and immersive workshops for less than 15 participants

  • Seminar style training for 15 or more.

  • Individual and small group coaching for selected employees and teams.

Sample Takeaways:

  • Curb anxiety and diffuse nerves

  • Speak with your most powerful voice

  • Stop hiding and avoiding situations

  • Effectively pitch and introduce yourself

  • Craft your story from scratch

  • Prepare to speak spontaneously

  • Reduce limiting behaviors

  • Speak authentically in any situation

Rhonda is a talented and engaging workshop facilitator. Rhonda really broke the concepts down clearly, connected with the participants, and made a dreaded topic entertaining! By the end, you could sense people had loosened up and were feeling more confident in their ability to pitch themselves in the future – even the introverts like me. I highly recommend her!
— Cynthia Pong, Embrace Change
“Rhonda helped our team become confident, authentic, and effective public speakers. Her real-life examples created an instant connection with all the participants, and high level of energy made the us all go the extra mile in both workshops. Rhonda was able to connect with everyone on a personal level and from there was able to instantly tailor her program to each participant.”
— -Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, MBA, CEO & Founder of EDsnaps Inc.

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