Fear is part of the deal

Break the Pattern (6).png

Recently, I was on a coaching call with an amazing client. We've made some incredible gains together in the last few months, and are now focused on completing two signature talks. As we were talking through logistics, she mentioned she was excited about the work and then said, "but, I'm still TERRIFIED." I said, "Yes! Of course, you are. You are stepping into new territory, and it's scary."

Whenever you are growing and changing, fear will always show up. It’s a natural reaction to something new, and your body’s way of protecting you from things that may be unsafe. We often feel that when we make changes, things should be easy. But the closer we get to where we want to be, the scarier it becomes. Fear is a part of the deal. Instead of avoiding fear, we need to expect it, embrace it, and move through it. 

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