Every time you speak, you are public speaking.

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Whether you're pitching to clients, voicing your opinion in a discussion, introducing yourself at an event, or sitting on a panel, public speaking is an essential tool that everyone needs.

OWN IT! Public Speaking from Scratch is a customized, 12-week program to get you comfortable, confident, and ready to speak in any setting.

Learn to:

  • Curb anxiety

  • Engage any audience

  • Use your authentic voice

  • Identify and reduce limiting behaviors

  • Speak without judging yourself

  • Assess your progress, so you get stronger every time

“I hated speaking in public or to large groups: it gave me so much fear, anxiety and stress! Rhonda not only helped me conquer my fears—she gave me tools to become a better speaker.”
— Rigel Lastrella, Senior Art Director

Each program includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute sessions via Zoom or in person

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Mid-week check-ins

  • Unlimited email contact

  • A customized plan for your needs and timeline