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You’re intelligent, talented, and creative. You work hard, and it shows, but your communication skills are holding you back from getting what you want. OWN IT! Confident Public Speaking is an intensive coaching program to help you transform the way you communicate with the world.

This program is for you if:

  1. You want to stop feeling anxious, afraid, or awkward when speaking.

  2. You have a hard time being yourself when you speak in a group or presentation.

  3. You are tired of missing opportunities, being ignored and passed over due to your communication skills.

  4. You want speaking engagements and have no idea where to start.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and finding my voice in public speaking for years. Rhonda coached me through uncovering what was beneath my anxieties and helped me to release control, channel my confidence, and speak with authenticity. She is so intuitive and open-minded and her approach is holistic, thoughtful, and practical. I know the lessons I took from working with Rhonda will serve me well beyond my public speaking career. Not to mention she is a blast to work with!
— Emma Alpert, Director of Public Engagement
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In this personalized 1:1 coaching program, you’ll: 

  • Manage anxiety and diffuse nerves

  • Learn to speak authentically in any situation

  • Stop “hiding” and avoiding being in the spotlight

  • Identify and reduce limiting behaviors that are holding you back

  • Speak without judging and second-guessing yourself

  • Assess your progress, so you get stronger over time

“After months of going through nerve-wracking job interviews, I reached out to Rhonda. I hoped to learn interview strategies that would help me sound and feel more confident and left with so much more! Rhonda gave me tools to calm my anxiety, helped me get out of my head, and encouraged me to embrace who I am. In under a month of working with Rhonda, I got a new job!
— Ana Valdez, Sr. Recruiter
“Through working with Rhonda, I was able to get clear about my public speaking goals and became more impactful in my work.  She has pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way that has always felt genuine and supportive. I sincerely appreciate her as a coach!”

— -Cathleen Antoine-Abiala, Educational Equity Consultant

Each program includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute coaching sessions via Zoom conferencing

  • A customized plan based on your needs and timeline

  • Personalized homework assignments and worksheets accessible via Google Drive

  • Recordings of every session

  • Unlimited email contact between sessions

“Rhonda made me feel safe to listen to my own voice, something that has always made me feel so vulnerable. Though I’ve worked with others before, she is the first person that helped me face my fears. Rhonda was able to create a program specific to my challenges and needs. Her passion, kindness, and understanding allowed me to grow in ways far beyond my speech.”
— Massiel Mordan, Actress
My life transformed significantly after just a few sessions working with Rhonda. Rhonda has a unique ability to gently but decisively support your journey beyond your comfort zone toward the place where you can proudly own your strengths and communicate them effectively.
— Jessica Baen, Conflict Resolution and Policy Professional

Ready to transform the way you communicate with the world?

I offer two program options:

Option #1: Full 12-week program:

Ideal for those looking to develop confidence and improved communication skills in multiple areas of life.

Investment: $2100 or three monthly payments of $750

Option 2: 4-week intensive:

Customized for those on a short timeline and needing to support with a specific task

(ex: interviewing, pitching, meeting prep)

Investment: $1000 or two monthly payments of $525

The first step is a free 20-minute consultation, where we identify your needs and determine the best plan.

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