A 90-minute coaching session to help you rock your presentation.

You've got an upcoming presentation and you need to be riveting.

OWN THE ROOM is an intensive coaching session that gets you ready to deliver a killer speech within a short timeline.


“I’m a reserved, quiet introvert. So when I had to do a talk in front of hundreds of people at an industry event, I thought I could use some help. Rhonda’s personable approach immediately put me at ease. She gave me tools and techniques to help control my nerves, strengthen my delivery, and put me in the right mindset to own a room.”
— Jonathan Reyes, Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital
  • Organize your content so your message is clear

  • Speak with intention to make a lasting impact

  • Curb anxiety so nerves don’t overwhelm your content

  • Engage your audience by being your authentic self

  • Get a system to assess yourself, so you improve with each presentation.

Coaching can be online via Skype or Zoom or in-person, pending location and availability.