Be clear. Be confident. Be yourself.


Your accent is an important part of your identity.    Yet, it is frustrating when you're always asked to repeat yourself, are often misunderstood, and are unfairly judged based on the way you speak.

In Authentic Accent Reduction, we help you refine your accent while maintaining your authentic voice, so you can be understood, and still sound like yourself.

Rhonda made me feel safe to listen to my own voice, something that has always made me feel so vulnerable. Her love for what she does, kindness, and understanding allow you to grow in ways that go beyond your speech. I’ve worked with others before, but she’s the first person that has helped me face my fears.”
— Massiel Mordan, Actress, "Blue Bloods"

You'll get:

  • Goal-oriented, personalized training

  • PDFs and MP3 recordings for home practice

  • Unlimited email contact

  • Role-play for challenging situations

  • Practice with upcoming presentations, meetings, and interviews

  • Drastic results after the first session